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August Announcement for the Utah Westerners

“An Architectural Travel Guide to Utah”


Martha Bradley-Evans

The common ground we have as Westerners is a love for the landscape and history of this place.  If you’re like me, you love driving the state and coming upon a rural town or even an isolated homestead miles from the nearest neighborhood.  One of the lens we can use to better understand Utah’s history is architecture.  Buildings, towns and other elements of the built landscape help us imagine what life was like in the past.  What men and women choose to build tells us volumes about their ethnic history, their relative socio-economic status, what they valued and held dear.  I will be talking about my project:  “An Architectural Travel Guide to Utah” which will be published by University of Utah Press but more importantly, I will recommend some themes you might look for in the landscape of this state.

Martha Bradley-Evans is the Senior Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Utah where she teaches a class called “City as Text” to Honors students.  She is the proud mother of six children and four step-children and thirteen grand-children.  Her publications include:  The Four Zinas: Mothers and Daughters on the Frontier and Pedestals and Podiums:  Utah Women, Religious Authority and Equal Rights.  She is a Fellow of the Utah State Historical Society and was one of the first women to join Utah Westerners.


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