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Upcoming Speakers for the Utah Westerners

December – Will Bagley discussing his forthcoming work on the Gold Rush trails to California.

January – John McCormick & John Sillito discussing radicalism in Utah

February – Linda Thatcher discussing JC Penny in Utah.


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November Announcement for the Utah Westerners

The Pony Express Stations in Utah

 Patrick Hearty & Dr. Joseph Hatch

We are very pleased to announce that Utah Westerners, Patrick Hearty and Joseph Hatch, will discuss their recent book on the Pony Express stations in Utah. They will share their research in both the literature and in the field, on the stations across present-day Utah which served the historic mail service we call the Pony Express.  They will describe the locations, and what is known about the structures, and also tell some of the stories from that fascinating episode in our western history.  Dr. Hatch will talk about obtaining modern photographs of each site, as well as researching historic photographs, and how a comparison of the old and new confirms our conclusions as to station locations

Pat Hearty was raised in Grantsville, Utah, and much of his youth was spent on his grandfather’s cattle ranch.  He has retained a love of history and ties to the Old West that he learned there.

As an elementary school student, he was captivated by the book, The White Indian Boy, about a young Grantsville boy, Nick Wilson, who was enticed to leave his home and join the Shoshone Indians when offered a pinto pony to be his own.  Nick returned home after a few years and later became one of the 1860-1861 Pony Express riders.  One might wonder if Pat might not have done the same thing in his early years, with a similar promise of a pony of his own.

He graduated from BrighamYoungUniversity with degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  He is currently employed as a chemist for Battelle Memorial Institute, working at Deseret Chemical Depot.

Pat has been a member of the National Pony Express since 1978.  He has been president of both the National organization and Utah Division of the Pony Express, and is currently a Re-ride Trail Captain in Utah, and the National Trails Liaison. He is a charter member of the Oregon-California Trails Association.  He lives in Grantsville, with his wife, Linda, and his little band of horses.

Joseph Hatch was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, but there was always a horse for him in Heber City, Utah, where his father was born.  All eight of his great grandparents and three of his great- great grandparents were pioneers to the Great Salt LakeValley before the completion of the railroad in 1869.  Most or all of them came west before the Pony Express of 1860-1861 came through Great Salt LakeCity.

Joseph is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the MoranEyeCenter of the University of Utah, where he serves as senior consultant to the Moran Eye residents in the general eye clinics at the Salt Lake Veteran’s AdministrationHospital.

Joe’s interest in still and movie photography began in his pre-teen years.  He has made several Super-8 sound movies plus an early Regular-8 silent western melodrama that he co-directed and filmed when he was 17 years old with Don Smith, a life-long friend.

He spent many summers of his youth in nearby Heber, Utah, where he rode his horse everywhere.  He enjoyed horse club activities, including tie-down calf roping, while serving in the Army at Fort Riley, Kansas.  He enjoys cattle roundups, trail rides, and horse pack trips into the Uinta Mountains and Yellowstone.

Joe has been a member of the National Pony Express Association since 1997, and he currently serves as a Re-ride Captain in the Utah Division of the National Pony Express Association.  He is a member of the Utah Westerners

Joseph lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, Annette

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