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Carl Woolsey and Wally Chambers Jr on 2010 UW Field Trip

While visiting Ephrim Utah on the Utah Westerners 2010 field trip, we passed by a home which Brent Reber had owned and restored. Brent and his wife sold this home to Wally Chambers Jr.

For those that do not know, Wally Chambers Sr. was one of the Utah Westerners founding members. We saw Wally Jr. and stopped this massive 56 passenger bus in front of his home. I knocked on his door, introduced myself when he answered and informed him that this big Le Bus was the Utah Westerner 2010 Field Trip.

Wally Jr. was absolutely overcome and I invited him on board to say hello to Carl Woolsey and the rest of us miscreants.  He went to the back of the bus to say hi to Doc and let us know how much the UW had meant to his life and family. He was the veteran of many, many field trips with his dad.

It was a great moment on a trip filled with great moments.


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Utah Westerners 2011 Field Trip-Rocky Mountain Rondezvous: Fur Trade Sites of the West. June 10, 11 & 12-2011

Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Rendezvous Site’s with Fred Gowans will be the theme of the Utah Westerners 2011 field trip. Fred Gowans has graciously agreed to lead the Utah Westerners on our annual field trip for 2011. It will be a 3 day 2 night foray, lead by our own Fred R. Gowans: emeritus professor at Brigham Young University who specializes in the history of the fur trade in the American West. He has written several books on subjects such as Fort Bridger and the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous. We are also expecting our own Jack Tykal author of Etienne Provost: Man of the Mountains to be helping us explore the sites and history of this fascinating era of western americana.
Price and sites to be visited are yet to be determined. Set aside these dates: June 10, 11 and 12 of 2011.
Committee: Brent Reber, Vern Gorzitze, Steve Gallenson and hopefully Jack Tykal.

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Pat Hearty in the news

A Salt Lake Tribune article highlights Westerner Pat Hearty’s involvement in the Pony Express re-ride taking place right now.  Pat is president of the National Pony Express Association (!)  Here’s the link to the whole story (while the Trib maintains it)

And here’s the story’s first couple of paragraphs:

Pat Hearty experienced his “Pony Express moment” at 3 a.m. on a dark and empty west desert night as he rode his big sorrel horse west from Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge.

“There was not a man-made structure or a light,” he recalled about participating in a Pony Express re-ride. “Chills ran up and down my back. It must have been just like this. It was kind of an epiphany, a direct connection to 1860.”

Hearty is the Utah president of the National Pony Express Association. Like hundreds of other riders, he will be participating in the 150th anniversary Pony Express Re-Ride beginning today through June 26….

Hearty will be among the 600 riders and 1,200 volunteers scheduled to participate as they transport commemorative letters and personal mail. Each rider participating will take the Pony Express Oath and receive a commemorative Bible.

He said annual re-rides such as

this one help connect riders with the history and importance of the Pony Express.

“Our purpose is to keep this in the public eye and tell about how these riders and station people helped build the life we enjoy,” said Hearty. “It is that connection with history that grounds us in our lives. It gives us a sense of time and place.”

The re-ride is scheduled to come into Utah around 5 p.m. from Nevada on June 12. There will be a potluck dinner, food and entertainment at a party at Willow Springs near Callao that night.

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