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Utah Westerners Fieldtrip ’09


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All in All–A Great Trip

Thanks to Jerry, Steve, and Oscar for scouting out and organizing the 2009 field trip to the Great Basin. And thanks to everyone who participated!

Paul Felt captured the trip in immortal verse:

They asked me to sub in for Bench
Which certainly wasn’t a cinch.
The verse is deplorable,
The rhymes all are horrible,
But it will have to do in a pinch.

George Ivory talked about sheep
Which most of us just count to sleep.
The big bags of wool
Were stuffed until full,
But there was nary a sign of Bo Peep.

At Topaz the wind blew the dust.
Face masks were almost a must.
The history was ad,
Living conditions were bad.
The whole thing was simply unjust.

In Delta we saw a dance hall
Which included a glittering ball.
It brought back a time
When Cokes were a dime,
Before kids all hung out at the mall.

The next morning we went up the hill
To the small copper town of McGill.
Despite memories from Jerry
We just couldn’t tarry,
For we had many miles to kill.

In Eureka they mined lots of lead.
The Opera House went to their head.
With the county’s huge surplus
They rebuilt it without fuss
While we are all taxed til we’re dead.

From Elko we went on to Wells
I fear it’s a road stop to hells
For it contains Donnas;
We’ve been warned by our mommas:
Don’t buy whatever she sells.

Here is the Enola Gay hangar
Where originated a very big banger.
From here came the blast
That separates present from past.
Let’s hope there are no more in anger.

This trip was filled with camraderie,
Although it presents a dichotomy–
To Ely and Elko
A traipsing we did go–
My wife thinks I need a lobotomy!

At the center we all got to hail
The work on the California trail.
Their pathway was long
As they all labored on
In pursuit of their own holy grail.

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Barbara Brown in the news

Barbara was key in helping in Mountain Meadows Massacre commemoration.

We’re proud to know you too, Barbara!

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