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How to use this here blog

Westerners, this is YOUR blog. We’ll post meeting announcements, info on the field trip, and more on here.

You can tell the Westerners about an upcoming event, a book you’ve just read (or written), a place, news about members, etc. You can post pictures or links.

How to be an author.
Any Westerner can be a blog author. Contact me at 801 533-3542 or by email if you want to know how.

How to get e-mail notices.
If you want to get an email every time something new happens here, click the link on the right-hand column that says “Subscribe to this blog.” You’ll see a list of options, but the easiest one is the email option. Click on that, fill out the info, and you’re set to go.


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Get to know our new members

We have had four new members join us in 2009 so far. (Welcome!)  We’ll look forward to getting to know them better. They are:


Education: B.A. in history, (BYU) 1979. M.A. American history (BYU) 1982, JD (BYU) 1982. Profession: Attorney

Areas of Historical Interest: 19th Century Mormon, 19th Century Western American, late 19th Century American political, social, economic history, early modern European.


Education: MCP Georgia Institute of Technology 1989. Profession: Urban Planner

Area of Historical Interest: Mormon Battalion, Utah War, Civil War.


Education: BS degree from Utah State University in Journalism, Minor in Agriculture.  Profession: Advertising, Copywriter, Producer, Creative director.
Area of Historical Interest: Western Expansion, Cowboys, Utah, Indians, Mormons.


Education: PhD in Middle East studies, (UofU)  Profession: BYU Professor

Area of Historical Interest: 19th Century Mormon history as well as emigration history of all peoples to the West.

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